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Adam & Eve Web Series

(Illustration Credit: Steve Morrison)


Is paradise a place on a map? Or is it something you cultivate wherever you are? Are romantic relationships born or made--or both? Is God silent, or have we just not learned to really listen?

Picking up twenty minutes after they've been kicked out of Eden, ADAM & EVE follows the courtship of the first man and first woman in the world. They've been tasked with populating the earth--but he's more enthusiastic about the idea than she is. It's a typical coming-of-age story, about a boy and a girl out on their own for the first time, fending for themselves, figuring things out, and making their first fumbling forays into romance. It's a typical coming-of-age story. Only this time the future of the human race is at stake.


Davey Morrison is an actor working in film, TV, commercials, and voice over, as well as a screenwriter, director, and editor. Additional credits include THE NOSE (Center for Puppetry Arts, writer-director-actor), EUGENIE (BYUtv, writer-actor), BEN & THE ART OF REGRET (Academy Nicholl Fellowship semifinalist, writer), WWJD (producer-director), and WELCOME TO THE RUBBER ROOM (actor). In addition to his work in film, Davey is the Director of Education for The Grassroots Shakespeare Company.

Bianca Dillard is an actor, dramaturg, producer, and director in film and theater. Additional credits include FAR BETWEEN (producer), FRESH TAKE (BYUtv, producer), WWJD (producer-director), and HOLIDAY (dramaturg). Bianca serves on the Board of Directors for The Grassroots Shakespeare Company and is former Artistic Director of New Play Project.

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